One man's trash is another man's treasure

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squeakyramone wrote in trash_treasure
My boyfriend, best friend, and I have been on a dumpster diving spree as of late. We've mostly been finding clothing and household accessories such as decorations and pots and pans.

Friday night, we found bags upon bags of clothes which was awesome because it is all going to our free market this Saturday. Last night, however, I was astonished at the things that we found:

-a practically new copy machine (instructions and everything!)
-a tiny little portable television
-a small tv
-a perfectly good white plastic high chair
-a waffle iron
-a 5 disc CD player
-more clothes, as usual
-a computer desk chair
-some milk crates
-an easter basket
-some sea shell shower curtain hooks
-a baby hamper
-a tin with puppies on it

There is more- I just really can't remember it all right now.

Our basement is seriously a sea of dumpster finds. All of which we are putting out at the free market on Saturday. We're hoping for a good turnout!

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High-five on the dumpster dive! Isn't it insane what people throw out these days? The "Free Market" is such an incredible idea--let us know how it goes!

Also, if you decide to keep any of your finds and revamp them somehow be sure to post before and after pics!

(Yes this community is currently dormant because I moved home for the summer and have yet to keep steady internet access...but SOON SOON SOON!)

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