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Broken/ cracked ceramics or glass?
thebrokehustle wrote in trash_treasure
Making a mosaic tile piece out of old broken or cracked glass and ceramic is a great way to recycle and add art and style to your old home decor. Here's a few ideas:
Mosaic frames for photos, mirrors, etc
Mosaic tabletops
Mosaic lamp bases
Mosaic candle holders
Flower pots
Wall murals (to be adhered right to the wall)

Go nuts. Here are some resources for mosaic tiling (as I have NO EXPERIENCE with this)

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I mosaic... mostly self taught. It's easy and fun.

I did this at camp once - they had bags of tiles to break up, and we put them on those big round bricks, glued them down with Elmer's glue just temporarily and then someone else went and put the cement around them. Mine is now a stepping stone in our garden.

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