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Recycling a t-shirt
thebrokehustle wrote in trash_treasure
So, you've got an old t-shirt that has a few stains or holes..and you can no longer wear it. You're thinking you're going to throw it out--but what can you do with it instead? Here's a list of things I've come up with.

1) Tie-Dye the shirt and cut pieces of it into long strips. Sew a piece of the fabric around a regular "ouchless" hair tie to make a cool hair scrunchie.

2) Similarly, cutting the t-shirt into thicker strips will give you a tie-dyed hair bandana. No sewing involved--just tie the ends.

3) If the shirt is size L or XL, cut the neck and shoulders off the shirt, sew up the top and the sides to form a pillow case and slip over your small throw pillows. Ta-da! New slipcover/ pillow case!

Not everyone's into brightly colored tie-dyed items, so here are other things you can do (sans tie-dye)

4) Cut the shirt into large squares and use them as cleaning rags or mini blankets/ bedding for small house pets
5) Braid thick strips of the tshirt together, tie both ends, and you now have a rope-like chew toy for the dog.

That's all I have so far. Feel free to comment and add more!

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t_shirt_surgery also has a ton of great ideas for stuff to do with old tshirts. half my summer wardrobe is refashioned tshirts i thought would never have a purpose again thanks to that comm. :D

I use old shirts and solo socks to put catnip in and tie them off as cat toys :) My cats go NUTS.

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